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Encourage customer loyalty and increase spend with WiFi analytics

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Being able to identify your guests has never been more important

Guests have come to expect personalized marketing communications

Capturing guest data, and using this data to deliver personalized marketing communications is proven to increase customer spend and encourage loyalty. This is particularly relevant in the hospitality industry where competition is high.

Build your business plan around your guests

To deliver true personalization, you need to know exactly who your guests are – what’s their name, age, date of birth, like and dislikes, how do they interact with your brand, what are their buying requirements?

50% increase

50% increase in guests connecting to the hotel WiFi due to an enhanced login experience

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What are the benefits of WiFi analytics?

Capture guest data

Capture data in real-time when guests connect to your hotel WiFi via our captive login portal. This data can include, name, contact, date of birth, hometown and much more. Segment the data and build detailed customer profiles.

Encourage retention

Use the data captured to send personalized marketing communications to your guests. Offer discounts on hotel rooms, drinks at the hotel bar or make guests aware of upcoming promotions and events.

Track guest footfall

Track guest footfall, dwell, entry and exit points and more with location analytics to help you understand your busiest periods and better manage staffing requirements.

Increase reviews

We know how important reviews are in the hospitality industry. Send automated review requests to your guests following their visit with our TripAdvisor WiFi connector.

Premium guest WiFi

Not only can you use your WiFi to capture customer data. You can also build customized splash pages tailored to your brand enabling you to manage your guests brand experience as soon as they connect to the WiFi. With social WiFi enabled, you can also allow guests to login quickly using their social media credentials.

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