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Encourage customer loyalty and increase guest engagement with intelligent analytics and wayfinding.

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Encourage retention

Use data captured to send personalized marketing communications to your guests. Offer discounts on hotel rooms, drinks at the hotel bar or make guests aware of upcoming promotions and events.

Virtual concierge

Use Purples wayfinding technology to direct guests to their rooms, removing the need for additional staff and creating a truly personalized feel for the guest.

Increase customer reviews

Top reviews are king in the hospitality industry. Send automated review requests to your guests after a certain time period following their visit with our TripAdvisor WiFi connector to maximize recent, high-quality reviews.

Monetize your WiFi

Tired bandwidth allows users to pay extra, so they can access greater amounts of data for things such as streaming movies, face-timing family or downloading large files.

Optimize bar and restaurant opening times

Use presence data to understand popular catering times amongst guests in the dining area and identify busy periods at the bar, optimizing staffing capabilities, and opening times.

Outsource WiFi help desk issues

Purple has a fully dedicated support team that will handle any issues regarding WiFi login errors etc. Giving you more time to focus on the important areas of your business.


Increase in guest reviews

Case Studies

The Eldan Hotel

The Eldan Hotel in Jerusalem is working with Purple and Boot Net Ltd to offer a fast, free guest WiFi solution, detailed analytics, and our TripAdvisor connector, which encourages customers to write reviews.

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