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Digital transformation in healthcare

Supporting healthcare with new technology

Technology is being used globally to help health and care professionals communicate better and enable people to access the care they need quickly and easily, when it suits them.

From websites and apps that make care and advice easy to access, to connected computer systems that give staff the test results, history and evidence they need to make the best decisions for patients, healthcare facilities are working smarter to provide better care than ever before.

Incorporating advanced WiFi

With the installation of advanced WiFi, not only can you provide a free, fast and secure connection for patients, staff and visitors, but you can also capture data, and action this data to help improve the efficiency of business operations.

Almost 6,000 new CRM records

5,847 CRM records collected by the hospital in the first month of using Purple

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How can advanced WiFi help?

A seamless login

Allow patients, staff and visitors to login quickly and seamlessly with our custom splash screens, using either a short registration form or their social media credentials.

Identify your WiFi users

Capture data via our captive login portal including, name, contact information, age, and more. Use our built-in marketing tool to set up automatic email communications, reminding patients about upcoming appointments.


Send patient, staff and visitor surveys to help senior management and board level employees understand what is and isn’t working.

Population health management

Use LogicFlow, our automated marketing tool, to communicate messaging to different visitor demographics. For example, encouraging people over a certain age to get a health check.

A seamless login journey

Connecting to WiFi is simple and flexible with Purple, using either social media authentication or a short registration form. You can completely customize your offline and online splash pages to include specific branding, promotions and messaging.

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