Aruba and Purple

A Preferred Partner driving Aruba sales

Purple is fully integrated with Aruba wireless APs, controllers and the Aruba Analytics and Location Engine (ALE). Aruba wireless access points deliver robust guest WiFi performance, and can be deployed as controllerless Aruba Instant APs or controller managed, depending on the design and scale of the wireless network.
The ALE location data is made available to Purple customers via the Purple Portal. The business intelligence delivered by ALE data, combined with the information collected via Purple’s social WiFi login process, helps marketing teams to improve the customer experience. Teams can segment and target customers based on their age, gender, loyalty, and their physical location in a venue, resulting in relevant and meaningful engagement. The reports can also help to drive operational improvements, ensuring busy areas are staffed accordingly and that the venue’s layout is fully optimized.

Focus industries we partner in



Large public venues

Benefits for partners

Drives Aruba hardware sales

Access to budgets from lines of business outside of IT with new conversations

Seamless social WiFi login data and portal to enhance the product and service offering

Benefits for businesses

Generate return on your investment

Collect rich, accurate CRM data and market to customers in real-time

Provides an API to link existing commercial systems, assets and apps

Meets global security and family-friendly certifications

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