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Cisco Meraki and Purple

A Preferred Partner driving Cisco Meraki sales

Cisco Meraki enables businesses to manage their entire network from a centralized dashboard from the cloud. Purple complements Cisco Meraki services by combining the existing data captured with additional information collected through Purple’s enhanced social login process. End users can choose from their favorite platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, or a short form to gather specific, in-depth user data. The Purple Portal also has in-built engagement tools to action the data collected in real-time, available only through the Purple Portal.
Purple remain a competitive preference over existing products thanks to key differentiators, such as; an incredible Customer Success Team, seamless integrations with Salesforce, MailChimp, Microsoft Dynamics and TripAdvisor, and Purple’s in-built marketing platform with free automated SMS and email capabilities – just to name a few.

Focus industries we partner in



Large public venues


Benefits for partners

Drives Cisco Meraki hardware sales

Get access to budgets outside of IT with new conversations

Meraki automatic provisioning so importing APs is a simple one-step process

Deliver a consistent service for mixed Cisco and Cisco Meraki hardware

Benefits for businesses

Generates return on your WiFi investment

Collect rich, accurate CRM data and market to customers in real-time

Provides an API to link existing commercial systems, assets and apps

Meets global security and family-friendly certifications

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