WiFi for independent retailers

Independent retailers pride themselves on their personalized customer service, so it’s important to maintain this when considering an in-store WiFi solution. Using Purple enhances customer service and rewards loyalty.

Cost-effective marketing campaigns

Independent retailers know that free WiFi is no longer viewed as a luxury but as a necessity by many of their customers. But traditionally it hasn’t offered much benefit to the provider.

Purple gives independent retailers a way to generate a tangible return on their investment in the WiFi infrastructure and create highly targeted, cost-effective marketing campaigns.

WiFi encourages customers to spend more time in store, and make more purchases whilst they are there. Store owners can segment their customers by demographics like age and gender, or by loyalty and seasonal trends, tailoring marketing messages for maximum impact.

Social WiFi

Social media has a huge part to play in the success of independent retailers today. Helping position original and boutique brands in front of their core customers.

Offering free WiFi in store means that your customers can easily access their social media accounts, providing an instant boost to your online profile and sharing their experience.

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Benefits for independent retailers

How Purple can enhance the shopping experience.

Reward Loyalty

Exceed customer expectations with personalized offers based on frequency of visits.

Brand Awareness

Build your brand through tailored landing pages and social login.

Measure Success

Monitor the effectiveness of WiFi marketing to maximize future campaigns.

Encourage Spend

Increase dwell time on-site and spend stimulus.

What our customers say

  • camden-market--bw-logo

    Jac Timms, IT Manager
    Camden Market

    “Purple WiFi deployed quickly and the ease of use is impressive. Watching traffic flow within the market is a major reason for choosing Purple WiFi as it helps us understand how visitors move around.””

  • Nisa-logo-bw

    David Morris, Head of IT
    Nisa Retail Ltd

    “Purple WiFi is providing us with essential demographic information about consumers visiting Nisa stores. We intend to use this data to gain competitive advantage, drive consumer promotional activity and record impact against sales.”

  • colliers--bw-logo

    Ross Cameron, IT Manager
    Colliers car dealership

    “We have been very happy with the features and performance of the Purple WiFi solution. It covers everything that we wanted and more at the same price point as less sophisticated solutions from other vendors.”

  • hinkley-bw-logo

    Jonathan White,
    Hinckley Town Partnership

    “We will use Purple WiFi to deliver e­shots and SMS messages to visitors promoting activities within Hinckley. We’ll utilise the Social Media section of the portal to promote engagement on our Facebook and Twitter pages.”

Camden Market Case Study