Healthcare Wayfindind

Digital Wayfinding & Indoor Navigation for healthcare systems

Improve the patient experience and reduce the stress and anxiety a hospital visit presents by helping people navigate the indoors like the outdoors

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Here's how it works

Purple’s digital wayfinding solution is designed to improve the patient experience by helping people navigate around large and complex hospital campuses through the use of either a mobile app, web-based solution, or strategically placed kiosks.

Think Google Maps but designed specifically for your healthcare facility.

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    Helping you take your Wayfinding systems into the digital age

    Help patients & visitors from getting lost and get them to where they need to be

    Our Blue-dot mobile navigation provides turn-by-turn directions mirroring other GPS solutions that people use on an everyday basis.

    desktop admin wayfinding

    Make informed & data driven decisions about your physical space

    Real-time location analytics allows healthcare leadership to identify trends, and make informed decisions around the flow of visitors.

    By utilizing our powerful administrative toolkit, making changes is quick and simple.

    hazard reporting wayfinding

    Increase safety & efficiency with timely notifications and in-app alerts

    Messages and alerts are delivered in real-time based on user locations. Tailored notifications can be displayed within specific geofencing zones to keep the content relevant.

    Over time collected visitor data will allow for data-driven marketing.