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Enterprise-class Guest WiFi Solution

Improve your venue operations and boost customer satisfaction

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Here's how it works

Purple’s Guest WiFi solution builds a bridge between businesses and their visitors by providing a bespoke and secure way to get online.

Gather data upon access that reveals who’s in-venue, and how behaviors change between venue visits.

As data gathers over time, you can make informed decisions for business operations and create personalized marketing messages based on your customers’ interests across your entire estate.

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    Want more information?

    Use high-level customer and venue insights to make informed business and marketing decisions

    View all venue insights in one place in real-time

    View data from across your entire estate in real-time, or report on individual venues to understand performance

    Identify demographic trends and profiles across all venues

    Understand in-venue behavior

    See how frequently visitors come to your venues, and which venues have the highest return rates

    Dwell time reports allow you to understand which parts of your venue are most relevant to visitors

    enterprise class reporting

    Personalize & automate your marketing

    Increase return rates by serving relevant and timely offers through our automation platform LogicFlow

    Deliver personalized messages based on your customers’ interests