Indoor Navigation Application

Precise indoor positioning & navigation in the form of an easy-to-use mobile application

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Blue dot navigation through geomagnetic positioning and digital maps for precise indoor positioning

Navigate the Indoors, like the outdoors

Blue dot mobile wayfinding application

Help visitors navigate from A-B, quickly and frustration-free for venues of any size or complexity with turn-by-turn directions via the use of our wayfinding app.

Control the flow of visitors

Improve the accessibility of your venue

Generate and provide quick separate routes for visitors to ensure the venue is accessible and removes to need for users to have to worry about where they need to go.

Improve the way visitors interact with your venue

Optimize routes to promote new areas and offers

Analyze visitor journeys to understand the most popular pathways. Use this data to optimize routes, product placement and
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Here’s how it works

Our hybrid wayfinding solution uses BLE beacons, WiFi, phone sensors, and geomagnetic positioning to accurately track a visitor’s location indoors via a ‘blue dot’, delivered in the form of an easy-to-use mobile app. Visitors can navigate their way seamlessly around your campus and interior buildings with turn-by-turn directions.