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Start collecting meaningful visitor data and begin making informed business decisions about your operations and marketing by unlocking visitor habits and understanding who your customers are.

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Here's how it works

We pride ourselves on being a hardware-agnostic, cloud-based software solution that fits all businesses. By utilizing existing WiFi infrastructure, Purple can be applied and used at an incredible pace without the cost of upgrading hardware.

The benefits of WiFi Analytics stretch from the customer right up to the business level. By providing seamless network access to end-users, businesses can collect meaningful and actionable data about their visitors while optimizing the customer experience.

Collected insights sit in a central portal and allow businesses to make informed decisions about operations such as staffing levels and venue layouts, to direct consumer marketing using personalized content and offers to boost return rates.

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What are the benefits of WiFi Analytics?

Guest WiFi Analytics - visitor experience

Query all of your venue data in a matter of seconds

Being able to visualize the business data being collected is key to identifying who your customers are and to start understanding how your space is utilized.

Purple's analytics suite works on the principle of one page, one report, and is designed to allow you to query your data, your way meaning businesses using WiFi Analytics insights can view data at a single venue or entire estate level view to review individual business performance.

Track and optimize your business operations

Using Purple's analytics dashboard your businesses can monitor dwell time, identify bottlenecks, and improve overall efficiency, providing the insights you need to make informed and meaningful decisions.

Introducing slight changes such as product placement and in-store adjustments can provide businesses with in-depth insights, further enabling businesses to understand how customers interact within their venues.

Guest WiFi Logic Flow - visitor experience

Automate and personalize your customer marketing

Businesses that utilize WiFi Analytics can collect a wealth of first-hand demographic data on their visitors which can be segmented and used to create personalized marketing campaigns that boost visitor return rates.

Purple's marketing automation tool LogicFlow allows for campaigns to engage with visitors an appropriate amount of time after their visit, and with segmented messaging and offers further increasing the chances of a return and increased spend.

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