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Get real-time customer data with our automated and accurate footfall tracking platform.

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Optimize your venue's space, increase revenue, and reassure your visitors it is safe to return, with automated and accurate footfall tracking.

Automatic and accurate footfall tracking

Count visitors in and out of your venue in real-time with up to 98% accuracy using 3D sensor technology
Centralized Analytics Dashboard

View occupancy data from a centralized location

Access real-time and historic occupancy data anytime, on any device from our centralized analytics platform

Understand staffing requirements

Collating footfall data over time allows you to identify trends and patterns in customer numbers, use this to better manage staffing requirements.
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Here’s how it works

We provide a software overlay that allows you to connect 3D sensors – and other types of hardware with counting abilities, such as CCTV cameras and access points – to our cloud-based analytics platform.

The occupancy data captured by the hardware feeds directly into a number of pre-built safety reports and dashboards within our platform; giving you a complete snapshot of real-time venue occupancy.

Built-in alert functionality then allows you to set up automated triggers that fire when occupancy levels get too high, or when an area such as a changing room, desk, or bathroom requires cleaning following usage.

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