Proximity Marketing Platform

Communicate with customers based on their location in your venue to encourage dwell and drive revenue

Speak to an expert

Real-time customer engagement

Trigger marketing messages in real-time

Set up automated marketing communications that trigger based on specific customer behaviors or demographics, prompting purchases that might be relevant to them.

Location analytics

See exactly where your customers spend their time

Optimize your venue layout and product placement based on customer footfall, dwell and pathway data collected via location analytics, enticing customers to make a last-minute purchase.

Effective Marketing

Hyper-personalize Marketing Campaigns

Personalize your marketing campaigns to significantly improve the overall visitor experience
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Here’s how it works

Proximity marketing allows you to target customers in the right place, at the right time with highly relevant and personalized messages. Draw ‘zones’ in and around your venue that trigger messages when a customer enters a specific area.