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Targeted marketing through WiFi Sponsorship

Our new advertising channel gives you access to 1 million consumers a day!

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Here's how it works

WiFi advertising is a relatively new advertising channel with a low cost of entry which is less competitive than traditional channels & offers brands the opportunity to reach over 1 million consumers daily in over 65,000 different physical venues including retail, hospitality, transport hubs, and other public places.

Purple’s WiFi Sponsorship program builds a bridge between businesses and their desired audiences through timely and highly influential and targeted marketing based on Purple’s data sets as and when consumers log in to venue WiFi.

With a marketing opt-in rate of 80%, Purple’s has a large database of end-user CRM records who are enthusiastic about receiving relevant advertisements. With Purple, customer marketing has never been as simple and effective.

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What different types of WiFi advertising does Purple offer?

mobile marketing offline

Offline mobile marketing display ad

While 64% of companies are planning to increase their PPC spending, WiFi sponsors don’t have to gamble with budgets.

Creating targeted marketing campaigns with Purple removes the risk of ads not being seen, providing clear results for audience engagement and revenue!

targeted marketing with video

Compulsory interstitial video

Before our end-users get online they are presented with an interstitial video, providing the perfect opportunity for brands to capture the users’ attention.

Standard digital advertising strategies are extremely costly and competitive, for example, the average CPA for a display ad is $75!

digital advertising online

Online ads with website redirect

Deliver personalized messages based on your customers’ interests to drive them back to your website with our redirect capability.

This direct marketing option is an opportunity for businesses to convert new audiences and grow revenue.

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