As a preferred solutions partner for Cisco; one of the world’s leading manufacturers of enterprise class WiFi solutions. Purple provides an additional level of guest WiFi functionality that is best in market, legally compliant, provides content filtering, social login, deep analytics and integrated marketing tools.

With an overall purpose to deliver an enhanced customer experience whist providing the tools to generate a return on investment, Purple works alongside Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) solution to improve customer engagement and venue efficiency.

Allowing mobile users to connect to the venue’s WiFi creates direct communication and gives businesses a better understanding of their customers. In simple terms, CMX delivers the building blocks to meet these business goals:

  • Increase loyalty of existing customers
  • Attract new customers by offering a personalized experience
  • Simple login method via Facebook
  • Heighten guest experience by providing WiFi access and key information during their journey
  • Increase visitor satisfaction by helping them make decisions more aligned with their needs
Presence and location analytics

Presence and location data can help venues maximize usage of space and merchandising opportunities. It makes their venue work more efficiently, promoting a better customer experience.

  • Determine high and low traffic locations
  • Intelligently position advertisements, products or services
  • Adjust venue layout to optimize traffic flow
  • Evaluate impact of floor plan adjustments and merchandising efforts
Bringing CMX to life

The Purple enhanced social login methods and our customer portal bring the capabilities of Cisco CMX to life.

Knowing more about WiFi users allows us to offer much more detailed customer insights than with CMX alone. We can take presence and location data generated by the Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE), pair this with demographic data and paint a precise picture about customers and their interaction with the venue or store. For the first time, businesses can see how often a customer visits, duration between visits, dwell times and their journey through the premises. All of this data can be used to trigger offers and promotions and ultimately to tailor the customer’s experience.

Purple partners can get additional Cisco discounts

The Cisco® Solution Incentive Program (SIP) rewards partners that include Cisco wireless technology together with Purple as part of their customer solutions. This means that by selling Purple you may be eligible for additional incremental discount on your Cisco wireless opportunities.

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Craig Hill, Social Housing Account Manager Cisco

“Housing associations need low cost, easy to manage WiFi solutions so that they can get tenants online quickly and provide digital services. The combination of Cisco Meraki and Purple is an incredibly competitive solution.”