Cisco Meraki


Cisco Meraki’s guest WiFi is a secure, cloud managed, internet-only solution that can be easily administered from a single, centralised and web-based dashboard.

Cisco Meraki uses presence-based data to provide venues with information about their guests, such as how often they have visited, how often they return and how long they stay.

How does Purple complement Cisco Meraki’s offering?

Purple works in conjunction with the existing Cisco Meraki technology. By combining the existing data captured with additional information collected through Purple’s enhanced social login process, venues are able to obtain a great deal more knowledge and insight about their customers. The Purple login process includes multiple social platforms and provides additional, specific user data including names, ages and email addresses. It also provides enhanced social media engagement and management tools. Both the login process and the administration portal are available in nearly 20 different languages.

By adding Purple to the Meraki solution, venues have access to the Purple captive portal. The Purple Portal provides a range of features including:

  • A suite of powerful email marketing tools
  • The ability to segment and target customers by age, gender and loyalty
  • Social media engagement and management tools
  • Enhanced reporting and intuitive dashboard
  • A fully customisable and brandable login and online splash page
  • URL redirects

In addition to the above, Purple customers get access to our API. All of the information collected can be exported and used in whatever marketing, CRM, or customer engagement tools they already have in place.

Neil Hill, Network Infrastructure Analyst
Plus Dane Group

“Housing associations need low cost, easy to manage WiFi solutions so that they can get tenants online quickly and provide digital services. The combination of Cisco Meraki and Purple is an incredibly competitive solution.”