Museum WiFi

WiFi for Museums

Museums are a source of information and visual engagement for the general public. By creating a truly digitally immersed experience for visitors you can direct them around the venue while gaining valuable insights into where the greatest level of interest is being generated.

Building a picture

Purple allows museum WiFi  networks to gather data which shows what visitors are interested in, how they move around your venue and how often they come back. Museums can then ensure they are delivering the right information – to engage and educate visitors through events, exhibits and workshops.

Driving relevant content

As museum visitors move through exhibits or specific areas of the venue, information can be delivered that explains what they are seeing, some historical background and additional information. This eliminates the need for trying to find space to display large amounts of information in the physical space.

  • Scope for kids to do educational treasure hunts! Clues could drive people to the next exhibit, making the experience more fun.
  • Monetization could be achieved by sponsorship from a relevant brand, also there is the opportunity to promote your venue’s annual pass and events through email, vouchers and the WiFi login and landing pages.

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Museum benefits

How Purple can enhance the museum experience.

Relevant Information

By building a picture of how people move around the exhibits, museum management can send relevant information to visitors in real-time.

Social Experience

Free WiFi means that sharing the museum experience on social media is easy, providing an instant boost to the venue’s social platforms.

Real-time Updates

Update museum visitors with information about events, exhibitions, children’s activities and offers straight to their phones.

Revenue Generation

Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging.

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