A WiFi solution built to the NHS Digital guidelines

Fully compliant with NHS Digital

The government has made it compulsory for all NHS sites across England to have a fully functional, and compliant WiFi service in place for patients, staff and visitors by 2018. Not only must these NHS sites provide connectivity, but they must also be able to obtain statistics from the NHS WiFi to compile monthly reports and improve efficiency.

By 31st December 2018, all secondary care settings must have compliant WiFi in place and accessible to patients and the public (subject to approval of funding). Care trusts are responsible for choosing a supplier that can provide an NHS WiFi system which suits their needs, and working with them to implement it across their local NHS sites.

More than just a WiFi connection

Key reporting that meets the specified criteria

WiFi is a highly valuable asset for the NHS as it not only allows people to get online and stay connected with family and friends, but it also helps to develop leaner processes within the healthcare system, saving both time and money for the sector. Key reports are easily accessible to CCGs on the Purple portal, including new registrations, unique users, sessions, bandwidth usage and average time spent on the NHS WiFi network. However, the Purple solution delivers so much more than simple reporting and WiFi connectivity.

Turn insight into action

With Purple, trusts can obtain a wealth of information about those who are entering their sites on a daily basis. This data can be utilised to develop and deliver informative, targeted marketing campaigns or alerts and could even be used to ask visitors for feedback about their experience. Hospitals, doctors surgeries, dentists and other NHS healthcare providers can also use Purple’s location analytics to monitor traffic flow, identify the busiest areas on-site and gain a deeper understanding of how patients, visitors and staff behave. Through gaining access to this information, management teams can effectively allocate staff, beds and equipment according to demand and can also look at implementing changes and improvements moving forward.

Here’s just some of the healthcare providers who currently trust Purple for their NHS WiFi




Purple is working in partnership with The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust to deliver a quality WiFi solution for patients, visitors and staff to access whilst at the hospital. Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution was deployed onto 375 existing Cisco access points located across the site in July 2016 and the free service is now actively used by thousands of people on a monthly basis.

Why choose Purple for your corporate, guest and patient NHS WiFi?

The Purple platform has recently been updated to ensure it features all of the mandatory components needed to implement a fully compliant WiFi network across NHS healthcare sites.

Our solution is compliant and highly beneficial due to the following: