Track customer movement around venues with location analytics

Track customer movement using WiFi heat map and occupancy management

Improve profits and reduce costs with in-depth space utilization data

Location analytics helps identify footfall, high dwell areas, bottlenecks, and even queue lengths and use the data to optimize your physical spaces.

Purple’s location software connects with WiFi access points and sensors to identify footfall and understand how visitors move around your venue. This information is fed directly into our analytics platform where you can filter and segment the data to identify patterns and trends.

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Benefits of Location Analytics

Optimize window displays, validate product placement, and A/B test new store concepts with clear visual outcomes

Justify advertising, mobile merchandise stands and staff training costs based on individual or group store insights

Adjust built-in marketing campaigns immediately according to real-time footfall and dwell trends with location analytics insights.

Review staff levels and optimize shift patterns at different times of the day to save money and improve the visitor experience

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Sensors features

Proximity marketing & location analytics insights

Communicate with visitors in real time based on their location in your venue

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Tracking customer footfall

Tracking Customer Footfall & Occupancy Management

Automated and accurate occupancy management to maximize venue safety

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Alerts prompt action to keep your venue safe and help improve operations

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Digital Displays

Keep your visitors well informed with live and historic occupancy data

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Here’s how our customers use location analytics

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