Proximity marketing & location analytics insights

Location and proximity marketing - WiFi location analytics - WiFi proximity marketing

Connect with visitors in the right place at the right time

Communicate with visitors based on their location in your venue to encourage dwell and drive revenue.

Proximity marketing allows you to target visitors in the right place, at the right time with highly relevant and personalized messages. Draw ‘zones’ in and around your venue that trigger messages when a visitors enters a specific area.

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Benefits of Proximity Marketing

Use notifications to promote in store offers in real time

Personalize your marketing campaigns to significantly improve the overall visitor experience

Send messages instantly or with a scheduled delay to encourage visitors to dwell in-venue or return

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Sensors features

Track Customer Movement

Identify footfall, high dwell areas, popular pathways and more to help optimize your venue

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Tracking customer footfall

Tracking Customer Footfall & Occupancy Management

Automated and accurate occupancy management to maximize venue safety

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Alerts prompt action to keep your venue safe and help improve operations

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Digital Displays

Keep your visitors well informed with live and historic occupancy data

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Here’s how our customers use Proximity Marketing

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