Instantly connect with the world’s largest mailing platform

Quickly and easily create new mailing lists and deliver personalized communications to customers with our MailChimp integrator; instantly increasing customer satisfaction.

As and when a customer log into your WiFi, their data can be automatically pushed into a specific mailing list, removing the need for you to manually extract and input data across different systems.

Our MailChimp integrator collects customer data including first name, last name and email address, and with MailChimp’s automation feature, you can stay in touch with your visitors every step of the way.

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Benefits of our MailChimp integration

Benefit from a constant feed of new contacts when customers authenticate onto your WiFi

Stay in touch with customers throughout their journey with MailChimp’s automation feature

Monitor email open rates and interactions, enabling you to further personalize customer communications

Compare the effectiveness of your campaigns against other users in your industry

See which emails bounce (and why) and which visitors unsubscribe (and why)

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