Merge your Salesforce and Purple data with ease

The Salesforce integrator is a feature that allows you to cleverly combine your Purple Portal and Salesforce account. Once connected, your existing Salesforce data can be married up with the corresponding visitor information in your Purple portal, giving you an enhanced understanding of who is actually visiting your venue.

Integration is simple; you can push data from the Portal into your Salesforce account, or you can choose to do both simultaneously. Conditional rules can also be applied to ensure all of your Salesforce data is correctly matched with your portal records. For example, if a Salesforce customer email is exactly the same as an email in your Purple portal, the data sets will combine.

Purple’s customer demographic data can be consolidated with your Salesforce records to produce an all-encompassing customer profile. Through combining these two sets of data you’ll not only gain access to one succinct source of customer information but you’ll also be able to recognize and reward your loyal customers and provide a tailored and unique experience for specific customers.

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Benefits of our Salesforce integration

Quick integration for one concise source of information

Customized rules to ensure all of your data is accurately matched up

Enhanced visitor profiles, merging professional and personal data

Identify loyal customers and effectively engage with them

Gain a more organized approach to managing all of your customer data

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