Marketing Automation

Proximity Marketing

Real time marketing based on your customers location

Communicate with customers based on their location in your venue to encourage dwell and drive revenue.

Proximity marketing allows you to target customers in the right place, at the right time with highly relevant and personalized messages. Draw ‘zones’ in and around your venue that trigger messages when a customer enters a specific area.

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Benefits of Proximity Marketing

Use notifications to promote in store offers in real time

Personalize your marketing campaigns to significantly improve the overall customer experience

Send messages instantly or with a scheduled delay to encourage customers to dwell in-venue or return

Marketing Automation features


Send timely review prompts to customers after they have visited your venue

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Collect invaluable feedback from your customers and use the data to improve business operations

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Email & SMS

Send targeted emails and SMS messages to customers proven to increase engagement

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Set up multi-staged marketing campaigns that trigger based on customer behavior and demographics

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Here’s how our customers use proximity marketing

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