Tracking customer footfall


Tracking Customer Footfall & Occupancy Management

Tracking customer footfall and understanding customer movement

Protect your business, staff and visitors with automated occupancy management

Optimize your venue safety, comply with government guidance, and reassure visitors with automated occupancy counting and analytics.

Through accurately counting visitors entering and exiting a venue, you can automatically monitor occupancy and get a complete understanding of visitor movement throughout your venue.

Occupancy data is captured through connecting compatible hardware with Purple’s analytics platform. Depending on the type of hardware, i.e. access points or sensors, you can achieve up to 98% accuracy when monitoring visitor numbers. All of the data collected is completely anonymous, so there is no need to worry about privacy concerns.

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Benefits of Occupancy Management

Achieve up to 98% accuracy when counting and monitoring visitors in-venue; offering visitor confidence and reassurance in the data

Connect live occupancy data with traffic light systems for automated occupancy control at your entrances and exits

Historic occupancy data allows you to analyze trends and patterns in visitor behavior and better plan for the future

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Sensors features

Location and Proximity Marketing

Communicate with visitors in real time based on their location in your venue

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Track Customer Movement

Identify footfall, high dwell areas, popular pathways and more to help optimize your venue

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Alerts prompt action to keep your venue safe and help improve operations

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Digital Displays

Keep your visitors well informed with live and historic occupancy data

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Here's how our customers use Occupancy Management

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