Location Analytics

Understand customer movement with location analytics

Identify footfall, high dwell areas, bottlenecks, and even queue lengths to optimize your physical spaces

Purple’s location software is implemented over WiFi networks and uses de-identified MAC address ‘signals’ to understand how visitors move around your venue. We also use geo-fencing technology which allows you to create zones for specific areas of your venue, such as a new clothing range or food stall, to establish footfall journeys within your store for different customer segments.

This information is then fed into the Purple Portal where you can optimize your venue based on real-time information and what purchases customers are considering.

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Benefits of Location Analytics

Optimize window displays, validate product placement, and A/B test new store concepts with clear visual outcomes

Justify advertising, mobile merchandise stands and customer service training costs based on individual or group store insights

Adjust built-in marketing campaigns immediately according to real-time footfall and dwell trends

Review staff levels and optimize shift patterns at different times of the day to save money and improve the customer experience

Use Purple’s API and connect multiple databases for precise reporting

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