Professional Services

Our Professional Services division has been set up to help our enterprise clients make the most of the Purple WiFi solution.

We offer you a cost effective, managed service to assist you in realising the value of your investments with quantifiable ROI.

Handling all aspects of deployment, set-up, consulting, training, we help you build operational strategies and actionable insights, through ongoing analysis of trends and behaviours, delivering value to your users with each interaction.

Setup and Deployment

We can provide setup support to ensure that your WiFi solution is expertly deployed and ready to make a tangible return on your investment.

    Setup services include:

  • Setting up e-shots
  • Project management
  • On site training workshops
  • Setting up custom splash pages
  • Technical setup and troubleshooting


As well as setting up your WiFi solution, we can work with you to develop a complete end-to-end solution that is bespoke to your business.

    This service includes:

  • Using our API to match up your existing data from CRM and CMS systems, loyalty programmes and business intelligence
  • Planning WiFi deployments for specific events
  • Developing custom analytical reports unique to your business


Mobile devices often provide a welcome distraction for children and adults when out and about as a family. But they are also a potential minefield for web safety and security.

Enter Purple; if you want your customers to have peace of mind about what happens on your network, activate our child friendly content filtering service.


If you’re going to communicate with customers then make sure it adds value. Personalization plays a huge role in keeping the customer happy and tailoring them to their individual needs increases spend stimulation.

Knowing when and where someone is in your venue, along with all the other forms of available data, makes these interactions timely, relevant and meaningful.