Proximity Marketing

Hyperlocal campaigns using location technologies

Triggered Messaging

Reaching customers at the right place and time

Using our cloud software and geo-fencing technology enables you to draw invisible lines around specific areas of your venue.

You can then identify behavior patterns within that space and gauge how long consumers will remain in these areas and what purchases they are considering.

We use this information to drive marketing campaigns such as email, SMS and coupons to visitors as they move around your venue. You can also engage with them based on behavior and demographics, creating a truly bespoke customer experience.

Logic Flow
Logic Flow is a powerful drag and drop builder that displays a simple and clear visual of how your marketing automation is setup and what actions are set to trigger.

SMS Messages
Enterprise SMS marketing

Our cloud software makes it easy to send a highly relevant SMS in real-time to customers who are either in your venue or have been previously visited. You can even send messages in real-time as customers move around different zones, or cross a key area such as the most used path to the tills.

Send individual messages or large-scale text marketing campaigns straight from the Purple Portal and instantly engage with customers at the right place and the right time.

Simple to use drag and drop email editor

The marketing tools in the Purple Portal are so easy to use that email design and build becomes effortless. Our eShot editor allows you to select templates, colors and fonts enabling your team to build beautiful email without any coding. What’s more, our templates are fully mobile responsive so no matter which device your customers are using, your email will always look great.

Segment your customer using the data you’ve collated through your WiFi. Define the demographics such as age, gender and even the last time they visited the venue.

Here’s a few benefits of using your guest WiFi to access data and send eShots

Easily create branded splash pages with our drag and drop editor or HTML tool

Redirect your users by demographic for a personalized customer experience

Send targeted emails and SMS based on demographic data and behavior

Reach friends of friends through social
media logins and activity

Easily promote offers and events to
existing and potential customers

Drive key engagement metrics including reach, likes and shares
We transform thousands of WiFi networks across the world
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