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How fashion retailers will thrive with smart technologies in 2023 and beyond

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Fashion & Apparel E-Book

Technology is at the core of fashion retailing today, assisting businesses to address consumer challenges, operate more efficiently, and serve shoppers more effectively. Despite the rise of online shopping for fashion and apparel, the future of retail relies on businesses combining their online and offline customer touchpoints to create hyper-personalized experiences.

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Customers want to feel special, so you need to appeal to their individuality. It’s as if you are acknowledging and validating their existence through all the micro details, wants, needs, and behaviors of their lives.

Gavin Wheeldon – CEO, Purple

What will I get from this report?

  • ✔️ Unique insights from Purple into consumer behavior, what shoppers demand from fashion retailers, and the effects this will have on the future of fashion and apparel
  • ✔️ Information that proves the importance of personalization and how it positively affects fashion retailers
  • ✔️ How “smart” WiFi benefits overall shopping experience

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