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Retail. Not Dead, Just Different

retail not dead whitepaper

At Purple we believe that the real future is neither purely physical nor purely digital; it’s a complex hybrid of both. To prove this, we ran a survey to gain insights into consumer behaviors across multiple retail markets. Coupled with Purple data, this whitepaper identifies the preferences and expectations of consumers, as well as the steps required for retail businesses to survive and thrive.

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You can crave customer loyalty, but you will only begin to genuinely and sustainably achieve this if all your efforts are focused on the fact that customers also crave something. Customers are seeking a sense of belonging, unlike anything you have offered to them before…

Gavin Wheeldon – CEO, Purple

What will I get from this report?

  • ✔️ Exclusive insights from Purple into consumer behavior, what consumers demand from retailers, and the effects this will have on the future of retail
  • ✔️ Data that proves the power of personalization and its effectiveness in Grocery, Fashion & Apparel, and Big Box retail
  • ✔️ An understanding of the benefits of unified commerce and the potential cost of not acting on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

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