WiFi for Bars and Restaurants

Turn Insight Into Action

Bars and restaurants are the perfect venues to offer free WiFi. Giving guests a free internet connection means they can not only check their emails but also update their social media status, which generates more brand awareness for the venue. As they share information about where they are on their social networks, their friends and followers are able to easily find them and hopefully join them for some food and drink.

Here’s just some of the world’s bars, restaurants and cafes who trust Purple





Show me how to drive
brand awareness and
increase revenue.

Benefits for bars and restaurants

How Purple can enhance the customer experience in bars and restaurants.

Add value

Access to actionable analytics. Understand how your customers interact by measuring dwell time and walk by conversions.

Social Experience

Free WiFi means that guests can easily access their social media accounts to share their experience and in turn, boost your profile.

Real-time Updates

Update guests with information about new menu options, wine choices, seasonal events and offers, straight to their phones.

Revenue Generation

Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging.

What our customers say

  • canterbury-bw-logo

    David Tunbridge, IT Manager
    Canterbury Cathedral

    “We have been looking at alternatives for public WiFi access in our new Cathedral Café and chose Purple WiFi. Family friendly access and legal compliance are very high on our list of priorities.”

  • san-marco-group--bw-logo

    Carlo Bragagnini, Owner
    San Marco Group

    “Installing Purple WiFi has been a key step in understanding our customers and improving their experience. We’ve increased engagement on our Facebook page and created a strategy to market our offers on this network.”

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