Retail WiFi

Turn insight into action with our WiFi solution for retail

There’s a challenge for retail chain stores to find the perfect balance between branch consistency and personalized customer service. WiFi is a solution to both of these challenges; allowing retail customers to get online quickly and easily regardless of the store they happen to be in, whilst facilitating marketing communications that are tailored to customer demographics, loyalty and seasonal trends.

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A secure guest WiFi network

Using Purple also means that stores benefit from having a completely separate network for guests and staff. This allows staff to be notified when specific areas of the store are busy and need more attention, whilst using devices such as tablets to show products to customers and give them another way to make a purchase.

Benefits for chain stores

How Purple can enhance the retail experience in chain stores.

Understand Customers

Understand customers in more detail through dwell times and location tracking.

Targeted Communications

Increase customer spend stimulus through targeted communications based on insights through the monetization of free WiFi.

Customer Touchpoints

Add another dimension to your in store customer touchpoints.

Seamless Login

Offer a seamless WiFi login journey across multiple sites to improve brand loyalty and consistency.

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