Soft play

WiFi for Soft Play Centres

Within any soft play centre you have a captive audience of parents, grandparents and guardians who are often having a well-earned rest while the kids play.

Tea and a Tweet

Most of these visitors want a few minutes to have something to eat or drink, catch up on some reading and enjoy a sit down. Many of them use this time to go online and check on their social media accounts – using the soft play WiFi.

Companies operating within the soft play area can use this customer base to build awareness of their brand, through social media “likes” and “follows”.

Safe and secure

Our WiFi meets legal best practice and includes content filtering, which is perfect for family WiFi use within soft play centres. We automatically block URLs on the Internet Watch Foundation watchlist.

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Soft Play WiFi benefits

How Purple can be used in soft play centres

Stay Connected

Busy parents can utilize the time they spend waiting to stay connected and recharge whilst the kids play.

Social Experience

WiFi means that parents can easily access their social media accounts and in turn, boost your profile.

Real-time Updates

Update parents with relevant information about upcoming activities, events and offers straight to their mobile devices.

Secure WiFi

Our content filtering option automatically blocks inappropriate content, ensuring the WiFi is family-friendly.