Event wifi solutions & wifi for stadiums


Event WiFi for Stadiums & Entertainment venues

Increase attendee return rates, and elevate your brand experience with personalized event WiFi and automated marketing

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Identify your attendees

Use event WiFi to capture key demographic data such as name, age, email, location, and frequency of visits of event attendees to create rich CRM profiles

Increase attendee frequency

Increase loyalty and return rates by appearing in social channels and media your attendees engage with most

Sponsorship and branding opportunities

Use offline and online splash pages to open new revenue streams via third party advertising and sponsorship.

Increase lifetime spend

Offer pre-game promotions, half-time perks, and exclusive offers using the data gathered to resonate with attendees and increase time spent at your venue.

Optimize your in-venue layout

Track footfall around your stadium and entertainment venue to optimize future events, identify hotspots of overcrowding, all with event WiFi.

Tailor marketing campaigns

Hyper-personalize campaigns with relevant tailored content such as; news, opportunities to attend games, new events, merchandise and concession menus.



Case Studies

Miami HEAT

Through installing guest WiFi, the Miami HEAT hoped to not only deliver exceptional and secure event WiFi for their fans but also collect valuable demographic data on their customers through implementing WiFi analytics.

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