Stadiums and Entertainment

Increase revenue by 10% by getting 20% of your one-time ticket holders to return to your venue

Identifying who your fans are has never been more important

7 out of every 10 ticket holders never return to your venue

Multi-ticket purchases only identify one person in the the booking process. The other ticket holders’ demographics are still unknown. When 7 out of every 10 fans never return, opening a direct line of communication with the people in your venue is key to understanding their interests and behavior to get them coming back.

44% of fans swap or resell their tickets each year

Almost half of sport and entertainment fans are unknown to marketing, CRM, and ticket sale representatives. Resale ticket markets not only blur fan and visitor profiles, they blur the channels they use to purchase tickets for particular games, concerts and special events in your venue.

230,000 visitors

In just five months, Miami Heat collected over 230,000 fan and visitor records

Action data gathered in real-time to drive behavior that matters

Leverage stadium WiFi, location analytics, and intelligent marketing to get fans returning and spending more time in your venue

Identify your fans

Collect name, age, gender, email, location and frequency of visits, of the fans behind the ticket with stadium WiFi. Track customer flow around your stadium to plan for future events, identify hotspots of overcrowding to ease footfall, and optimize signage and mobile merchandise locations.

Increase return rates

Increase loyalty and return rates by appearing in social channels and media they engage with most after connecting with stadium WiFi. Design campaigns with relevant, meaningful content, news, opportunities to attend games, new events, merchandise and concession menus.

Increase dwell time

Send hyper-targeted digital marketing with Purple’s intelligent LogicFlow automation. Offer pre-game promotions, half-time perks, and exclusive content based on core demographic data, location, frequency of visits and real social interest segments to increase dwell time.

Third party sponsorship

Customizable splash pages are designed with ease, redirecting fans to specific landing pages for you and your third party sponsors, and increasing social media followers instantly via a network designed for high density onboarding and uploading of digital media.

Personalization lifts revenue by 5-10%

Send fans and visitors to a fully branded splash page that allows them to login to your stadium WiFi via their favorite social media or short form. Once online, fans can be redirected to customized landing pages featuring hyper-targeted content based on the data collected to drive engagement and excite fans with exclusive, personalized offers.

"We chose Purple for three simple reasons: the completeness of their solution, their strong focus on innovation and their culture. They were a clear leader in the bidding process from the start. They have a consummate understanding of the market space and have developed software that is both broad and deep and brings the future to the present rather than relying on approaches of the past. They were amazingly easy to do business with and worked through our unique needs tirelessly and patiently."

Ed Frederici
Chief Technology Officer, NBA Pacers Sports and Entertainment

"Purple allows us to determine the demographics of our visitors and enables clients to better understand their audience. It is also helping us to recognize what type of events are needed at the center based on the interests of our visitors. Setting up Purple with our existing infrastructure was a breeze and very easy to get started, overnight we had a portal and custom splash page which is exactly what we wanted."

Jeremy Pierce
Assistant General Manager at Irving Convention Center

"Online ticket sales mean that we don’t have the ability to collect as much data as we’d like on our visitors. Whether that’s through one fan buying multiple tickets, or fans purchasing tickets through third party websites; not to mention ticket resales. We miss out on a lot of data. Through the installation of WiFi analytics, we have been able to start bridging that gap."

Matthew Jafarian
Vice President of Digital Strategy and Innovation for the Miami HEAT

"eFan offers a full service to events with strong, high-density WiFi, interactive digital signage, content generation, collaborating with sponsors in ‘Fan Zones’ and interactive mapping. Before Purple, thousands of visitors remained anonymous to our marketing services despite increased engagement at events. Now, the platform complements our service in every aspect of our business with the captive online portal collecting active consumer information we can use to deliver more effective campaigns and measurement."

Ariel Salvetti
CEO of eFan and eFan Zone

"Purple has provided a platform that has helped us achieve our goal of elevating the fan experience. Not only do fans have easy access to the WiFi throughout the Arena, but with the customer data we are collecting, we are able to personalize our interaction with new and returning guests and send automatic updates and information based on specific demographic criteria."

Matthew Jafarian
Vice President of Digital Strategy and Innovation for the Miami HEAT

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