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How to setup TripAdvisor in your Purple Portal

TripAdvisor Set-up Guide

The TripAdvisor connector can be set up at venue level to allow your venue to gain reviews from customers that have been in your venue in the past 24 hours.

Portal Setup

Once at venue level, in the navigation bar on the right hand side click onto “Management” and choose the final option “Connectors” as shown right:



In the Connectors section you will see various optional connectors that can be set up, including the TripAdvisor Connector. On the TripAdvisor Connector click on the green plus button as shown left.

Now you will be presented with two fields; “Connector name” and “Enter your Unique TripAdvisor URL” as shown below:


The “Connector name” can be anything you like, such as your venue’s name. The unique TripAdvisor URL is the link to your TripAdvisor page. Now go to your TripAdvisor page then copy and paste your URL into the “Enter your Unique TripAdvisor URL” field.

The URL should look similar to this example:

Now click save.

TripAdvisor Opt-in

After saving your new TripAdvisor Connector, on average it will take 24 hours to be setup and configured with TripAdvisor. Once it has been configured you will receive an email instructing you to go to TripAdvisor to Opt-in to Purple.

To do this follow the below steps:

1. On select your business and click “Use Review Express” as shown:


2. Now click “Opt In Now” as shown below:


3. Next select Purple as your connectivity partner. You will be shown as an option below:

4. Finally once these steps have been followed you will need to accept TripAdvisors Terms & Conditions as shown below:



After all of the above steps have been completed the TripAdvisor Connector will now be active. Note that

it will take up to 24 hours for your visitors to receive an email from TripAdvisor to review your venue.