Use Cases

Display live wait times to improve the visitor experience and reduce churn

Managing venue occupancy effectively provides a huge opportunity for businesses to improve the customer experience and reduce churn.

If you can display real-time occupancy data and live wait times in your venues where visitors typically dwell, you can help them make informed decisions around where they should head to get the best, and quickest service; ensuring you are able to serve as many visitors as possible in the quickest time.

Keep your visitors informed with live wait times

Display live wait times on in-venue screens to keep your visitors up to date

Connecting your Purple occupancy data with an in-venue screen or kiosk allows you to keep your visitors well informed. If your visitors know how long they may have to wait, based on the number of people ahead of them in the queue and the average service time, they are more likely to stick around. You remove the unknown and minimize the risk your visitors will head to a competitor.

Let visitors know wait times elsewhere

Encourage natural distribution of visitors around your venue

Most venues have more than one service point or check-out. Let your visitors know that if they head to the second floor, or just around the corner, that there is a check-out with a reduced wait time or no wait time at all. This not only improves the visitor experience, but it creates a natural distribution of visitors across your venue, leading to quicker overall service times.

Display live occupancy and data trends on your website or app

Allow visitors to check occupancy before they leave the house

Displaying real-time occupancy data on your website or app allows visitors to make informed decisions about when they should visit. If they can see that you are at high occupancy, they may decide to visit later on in the day. You can also display data trends which allows people to see when you are typically less busy, and advise on the best times to visit for the best experience.

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