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Use Cases

Drive loyalty scheme participation

Lots of time and effort can seem to have been wasted when only a small proportion of the customer base actively engages with a loyalty scheme. Ensure your program isn’t underutilized.

Create simple wifi access journeys

Captive portal

Use the captive portal where the user authenticates onto the WiFi to promote your loyalty scheme

The splash page that is displayed when a customer logs onto the WiFi can be used to promote loyalty schemes helping to drive uptake. The splash page effectively works as a prime advertising space at a time when customers are actively engaging with your brand.

Reduce customer churn with website redirects

Email & SMS

Enhance your CRM database

Capture customer contact information during the WiFi login process and use this data to send communications promoting your loyalty program. Use Purple’s LogicFlow tool or your own marketing automation software using Purple’s open API.

Capture data insights

Capture behavioural data

Understand how often customers interact with your venue

Identify which customers are visiting your venues most often but not using the loyalty scheme. Start to tier your customer base using frequency and recency of visits and send promotions explaining how much they could have saved if they had used the loyalty program.

Direct users to your website during the guest wifi access journey


Redirect customers to a specific URL

Redirects can also be used after people have logged onto the WiFi, directing customers to download a loyalty scheme app or find out more information about the scheme and the rewards they can expect, driving participation.

Increase loyalty scheme participation

Loyalty based authentication

Ask customers to enter membership information for access or premium experience

As part of the log-in journey, customers can be asked to provide membership information for access which can then integrated with a loyalty program and encourage participation and uptake. The same principle can be used to promote premium services for different customer segments.

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What do our customers say?

A multinational coffee chain has a loyalty app. They know that on average app users are 20% more likely to visit one of their shops again within a seven day period. Using data collected using Purple they were able to identify that only 5% of their total visitors were using the loyalty app. 

An email marketing campaign was launched using the integration between Purple and a leading marketing automation tool. The email campaign was centered around how much the customer could have saved given their number of recent visits and the average price of a coffee. Participation in the loyalty scheme increased by 25% as a result, leading to increased return rates and customer spend.

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