Drive offline visitors online


Redirect visitors to a website

Every time a customer connects to your guest WiFi, this presents a unique opportunity for you to redirect them to a specific online landing page.


Email Messaging

Build effective email campaigns

Our email marketing tool allows campaigns to be built by simply selecting templates, colors, and fonts in our email builder without coding.


SMS Messaging

Send real-time messages to your guests

SMS marketing allows users to send highly targeted messages in real-time to customers who are either in your venue or have previously visited. Send individual messages or large-scale SMS marketing campaigns to instantly engage with your customers.



Personalized real-time incentives

Send relevant content based on your customers’ interests, demographics, and location. Set up multi-staged marketing campaigns with our built-in drag and drop marketing tool, LogicFlow, this allows you to target and automatically trigger real-time incentives through an email or SMS message.

A leading US retailer wanted to ensure that every customer going to their physical venues was also a regular user of their online store.

Through capturing their customer’s social logins and implementing a demographically targeted LogicFlow, an email and SMS incentive message were sent to customers.

These incentives promoted and encouraged sign up to their online member’s club.

Over 127,000 CRM records were captured in 3 months and through analytical tracking, the retailer saw an online recruitment rate of 16% and over $1.5m of new customer revenue.

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