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Drive revenue with efficient and automated queue management

Queuing is part of daily life – whether you’re at your local coffee shop, the bank, a theme park, or grabbing a drink during the interval of a show, sports games or concert. But we all know how frustrating it can be, especially when you’re in a rush and there is no indication of how long your wait might be.

Sometimes it’s just easier to go elsewhere. Effective queue management and keeping your visitors well informed, is key to maximizing revenue.

Automated traffic light access control

Red and green signals let visitors know if is it safe to enter

A signaling system, displayed on a screen or traffic light at the entrance of a venue, or a specific zone within your venue, indicates whether it is safe for a visitor to enter, or whether they must wait until visitor numbers in the venue or zone reduce to a safe level.

Display live wait times to keep visitors well informed

Place display screens in places where visitors queue and dwell

Connecting your Purple occupancy data with a number of stand alone devices in your venue – whether that’s a TV screen, tablet or kiosk – allows you to keep visitors well informed and up to date on current wait times. If your visitors know how long they may have to wait, based on the number of people ahead of them in the queue, then they are more likely to stick around. You remove the unknown and minimize the risk your visitors will head to a competitor.

Let visitors know wait times elsewhere

Encourage natural distribution of visitors around your venue

Most venues have more than one service point or check-out. By displaying live wait times around your venue, you can let visitors know that if they head to the second floor, or just around the corner, that there is a check-out with a reduced wait time, or no wait time at all. This not only improves the customer experience, but it creates natural distribution of visitors across your venue, leading to quicker overall service times.

Trigger real-time notifications with live wait times

Send visitors waiting in a queue an SMS notification

Trigger notifications to visitors who have been waiting in a queue or certain area within your venue for a pre-set number of minutes, informing them how long the wait is likely to be, or that they could head to another service point where wait times are reduced.

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