Driving traffic to a website


Promote online offerings

Guest WiFi presents a unique opportunity to redirect customers to a specific online landing page such as website homepage, product page.


Email messaging

Target customers with emails

Our email marketing tool allows campaigns to be built by simply selecting templates, colors, and fonts in our email builder without coding. All templates are responsive to all devices.


SMS messaging

Target customers with SMS

SMS marketing allows users to send highly targeted messages in real-time to customers who are either in your venue or have previously visited. Send individual messages or large-scale SMS marketing campaigns to instantly engage with your customers.

Report integration

Track WiFi traffic

Create unique landing pages within your website for WiFi customers. Attach a tracking code to the landing page URL and copy this code into your WiFi access journey to track the traffic, revenue, and sign-ups from those customers.

What do our customers say?

A large US retailer has created an omnichannel solution that links Purple WiFi data and their website, through the use of a curated value proposition, UTM links, and a landing page strategy.

Every WiFi user is incentivized to visit the retailer’s online store for products that are not available in their physical stores.

The retailer captures CRM records, identifies customer product interests through a micro survey and serves relevant online product offers through the use of UTM links.

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