Enrich existing data records and profiles

Use Cases

Enrich existing data records and profiles

Use custom registration forms to collect the data you want

Capture better customer data

Use custom fields to get the data you want

Our captive portal allows for progressive profiling with the use of custom fields, allowing you to ask customers to provide additional information as to what you already hold on them, allowing you to enrich your current customer profiles and start to build out more targeted marketing campaigns.

Social Media Login Methods

Allow users to login via social media

Enrich existing CRM records with added data points

Social login methods allow you to capture added data points such as social interests and place of origin. This data can then used to segment the customer base and personalize communications.

Understand how customers interact with your venue

Understand customer behavior

Use reports such as frequency and recency to understand the behavior of your customers.

Our reporting dashboard allows you to understand how frequently customers are visiting locations and the length of time between visits. It can also highlight how long customers dwell in certain areas, businesses can use this information to increase dwell time and increase average spend per head.

Purples different connectors

Open API & Native Connectors

Purple integrates with any other platform

Use Purple’s inbuilt connector or the open API to enrich your existing CRM records with data from the platform. Integrating Purple data into your existing systems allows you to start to bring together customers’ online and offline journeys leading to a 360-degree customer profile.

What do our customers say?

A world-renowned market that already had a significant CRM database as a result of this, their newsletter was able to enrich the data that they held on customers through using Purple data. They identified that a large proportion of customers liked a certain genre of music based on their social media profiles. The market started to play more of this genre of music saw average dwell times of customers increase by 15% leading to increased sales for tenants.

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