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Collecting visitor feedback

Use Cases

Gathering visitor feedback

NPS surveys are used to gauge your customer’s overall satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Easily set up and send NPS surveys using the Purple platform to gain valuable feedback.

How to gather visitor feedback

Redirect customers to review sites

Link to 3rd party tools such as Survey Monkey

Redirect customers to complete a short survey as part of the process of connecting to the WiFi. This can then be matched with post-experience feedback to see if customers’ expectations are being met.

Encourage valuable customer feedback

Automate surveys post-visit

Micro-survey tool in the Purple platform

Prompt surveys to be sent to customers after a set period of time after they have left a venue. This ensures that customers receive the survey when the experience is fresh in their minds, encouraging increased completion rates and higher-quality responses.

Encourage NPS visitor feedback

Encourage Net Promoter Score (NPS) completion

Simple and hassle-free way of collecting visitor feedback

Purple supports NPS scores allowing visitors to quickly rely on their experience by scoring it out of 10 with the touch of a finger. These scores can then be acted upon to ask visitors the reasons for both high and low scores so any appropriate action can be taken to improve the customer experience.

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What do our customers say?

A national restaurant chain has an estate of 400 venues. Before implementing Purple they had no way of collecting customer feedback in a cost-efficient and effective manner. Since the introduction of Purple, they now have the ability to send an NPS survey to all customers within 24 hours of leaving one of their venues. They use these NPS scores to benchmark venue performance across their estate. This has allowed them to identify what high performing restaurants are doing differently to lower scoring ones and as a result implement changes across the estate. This has led to their average TripAdvisor ratings across their estate increasing from 3 stars to 4.5 stars.  

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