Use Cases

Get ahead of safety risks within your venue

Managing risk within a public space is a full time job. Whether that’s quickly reporting and clearing spillages or controlling occupancy, it requires a huge amount of work.

There’s a lot of technology out there that can help you identify and react to safety risks, but typically these solutions are real-time, where the risk has already occured and now the race is on to mitigate it. But what if data could help you identify areas of potential risk before an incident occurs?


Analyze historic occupancy data

Historic occupancy reports allow you to analyze and identify trends

Get a complete picture of venue occupancy over time, helping you understand exactly how people move around and use your space. Heatmaps and dots on a map report allow you to quickly identify potential bottlenecks or areas of high dwell; where visitors may be blocking essential routes.


Optimize your space to reduce risk

Create a space that is safe and secure for your visitors

Based on the occupancy data collected you can see – with cm accuracy – how visitors are using your space. Use this data to optimize your venue, whether that’s through increasing the amount of seating available or moving a check-out away from a fire exit so that you don’t have visitors dwelling in that space.


Get an understanding of visitor compliance

Are visitors wearing masks and sanitizing their hands on entry?

Sensors have the capability to track compliance through mask detection. Connecting this data with the Purple platform allows you to quickly see what percentage of customers are wearing masks. Using dots on the map and dwell reports, you can also see which customers are pausing at your hand sanitizing stations. If the numbers are lower than expected, it may be that you need to increase or optimize the positioning of your safety signage.


Optimize your cleaning schedules

Use occupancy data to understand which areas need cleaning

Presence reports allow you to see hotspots or high dwell areas within your venue. Use this data to prioritize cleaning schedules. You can also alert your facilities team in real-time via SMS when an area, such as a conference room or bathroom, needs cleaning following usage.

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