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Use Cases

Improve employee engagement

Communication and gaining valuable feedback from your employees and acting on it is a very powerful tool for any business as it improves the morale of your staff and how they interact with your visitors.

Automate internal communications

Communicate better with staff

Improve the way internal messages are sent out

Purple offers the ability to send out bulk SMS & email communications to staff who are logged into the company wifi, making internal communications quick and simple. Push out important information such as company values, rewarding team members for hard work, and big announcements all from your Purple platform.

Automate employee feedback reminders

Gain employee feedback

Give your employees a voice in the workplace

Look after your employees and they will look after your business. Gaining feedback from your staff is imperative to business success and growth as it gives a “boots on the ground” insight into the day-to-day operations, highlighting key strengths and identifying operational improvements. It also gives your employees a chance to feel like they have a voice in the workplace.

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What do our customers say?

A leading UK retailer was looking to improve the way that they pushed out company-wide communications as those on the shop floor, don’t tend to have email login. 

By offering a separate guest wifi login for staff members only, the business was able to push out SMS messages and Emails via the use of purples WiFi marketing software. 

With this software, they were able to target those only on the staff network, avoiding any sensitive internal company information being sent to customers.

In addition, the company was able to push out employee feedback forms as to what they felt could be improved in certain departments. Employees over a 6 month period reported back that they felt they had “more of a voice” in the workplace than previously and that they had been heard.

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