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Use Cases

Improve operational efficiency

The operational costs of running a physical venue can quickly eat into profits, and so businesses should always be looking at new technologies that they can embed into operations to save money where possible.

Understand your venues bounce and interaction rate

Staffing levels

Better manage your staffing requirements using footfall data

Presence analytics provides key insight into your venue’s footfall. Collating this data over time allows you to identify trends and patterns in customer numbers, use this to better manage staffing requirements.

Staffing capabilities

Staff with multilingual capabilities

You may find that through analyzing your customer data, many, if not most of your customers come from a particular part of the world – use this data to help you hire staff that can speak the languages of your customers.

Prioritize venue opening hours

Adjust your opening hours to match footfall passing your venue

Potential customers may be passing by your venue at lunchtime, or first thing in the morning, perhaps when you are closed or taking a quick break. This could be the optimum time to make sure your doors are open.

Automate trip advisor reviews

Customer feedback

Automate the collection of reviews and feedback

Take the responsibility of collecting customer feedback from your staff with automated review prompts and surveys that can be sent following a customer visit, or presented within the access journey.

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What do our customers say?

Based on the presence data collected through Purple, a popular coffee shop chain was able to see the total number of customers in their venue per hour, day, week, etc. Through collecting and analyzing data over time, the chain was able to accurately predict customer footfall. They used this data to alter their staffing requirements accordingly – increasing staff numbers during busy periods and reducing staff numbers when they were quiet. This allowed the business to provide a better service for customers when they were busy, through reduced queues and waiting times, and to save close to $120 per week in salaries.

In another example, a luxury department store based in London employed more Chinese speaking staff during specific times of the day to tie in with in-bound flights – significantly improving the in-store experience. Using the data collected from Purple’s user language report, the brand was able to identify peaks in Chinese speaking tourists following flights into London Heathrow.

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