Improve venue accessibility

Accessible venues with poor wayfinding and occupancy control are becoming more and more undesirable with regular visitors, ensuring that your visitors and staff are safe and efficient are imperative.

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Navigate the indoors, like the outdoors

Help visitors navigate from A-B, quickly and frustration-free for venues of any size or complexity with turn-by-turn directions via the use of our wayfinding app.

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Create emergency routes and control visitor flow

Generate and provide quick separate routes for emergency services and visitors to ensure the venue is accessible and removes to need for users to have to worry about where they need to go.

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Help new starters get familiar

Whether you’re a university, hospital, or any large venue, getting new starters to grips with where things are is always a challenge. Use wayfinding, kiosks to direct users, and combine with geofencing to create prompts and reminders.


Automate location-based messages

Geofence areas to automatically send out location-based messages to users, informing them of changes to opening hours, offers and discounts.

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Connect with guests, regardless of nationality

Multilingual options mean our solution is easy to use and understand no matter what language your visitors speak as it automatically syncs to the connecting device’s pre-set language settings.

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