Use Cases

Improve the overall efficiency of your venue

Control the flow of visitor traffic

Reduce the number of entrances or exits

Automatically push out updates to wayfinding applications (kiosk, web and/or mobile) so that routes no longer include certain entrances or exits, taking away the need for human interaction when attempting to relay the message.

Effectively communicate with foreign visitors

Multilingual functionality

Purples wayfinding application will automatically sync to a device's default language, ensuring your visitors and staff understand important announcements or directions.

Improve the way visitors interact with your venue

Optimize routes to promote new areas and offers

Analyze visitor journeys to understand the most popular pathways. Use this data to optimize routes, product placement and

Advertise to your guests during the Captive Portal login process

Promote your brand through access journey ads

Promote your brand

Advertise products and promotional offers through your digital kiosks and mobile app to drive uptake in-store spending.

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