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Use Cases

Improving your venue experience

Improve your venue experience and increase revenue through the use of kiosks, location analytics, and other wayfinding solutions.

Wayfinding indoor maps using digital kiosk

Highlight POI's and venue density

Use our interactive kiosks to highlight venue safety

Place digital maps and kiosks throughout your venue to help visitors navigate from A-B whilst creating visual cues for points of interest or use our API to show occupancy data to potential visitors.

Trigger automated messages to your guest with Geofencing

Send personalized messages based on venue location

Improve guest communications

Create geofenced areas that trigger location-based messages when a user enters the area. Highlight new offers, discounts, and products or even send out important updates about a section of a venue.

Greet visitors with your virtual concierge

Reduce the need to extra staff

Use Purples wayfinding technology to direct visitors to certain locations within your venue, removing the need for additional staff and creating a truly personalized feel for the guest.

Ensure you guest WiFi is stable and secure

Keep your visitors connected

Stable, secure & reliable

Purple supports over 140+ million users globally, with a 99.9% uptime We boast a fully dedicated support team that will handle any issues regarding WiFi login errors, etc. Giving you more time to focus on the important areas of your business.

Seamless outdoor to indoor navigation

Integrate 3rd party travel apps

Send out links to visitors that will enable them to connect to Uber, Waze or Google maps to create a true door-to-door experience, we will even find you a parking space.

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