Boosting visitor reviews

Use Cases

Increase visitor reviews

Research from TripAdvisor shows that two out of every three people won’t even consider making a purchase until they have read at least one review.

Collecting visitor feedback with TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor connector

Use Purple’s native TripAdvisor integration to increase reviews

Ask for a review after a visitor has left your venue or even while still present using our native integration with TripAdvisor. The email can be timed to arrive in the customer’s inbox at the optimal time for them to complete the review and therefore increase the volume of reviews.

How to gather visitor feedback

Trustpilot connector

Use Purple’s native Trustpilot integration to increase reviews

Purple’s native Trustpilot integration allows businesses to increase the volume of reviews by targeting customers at times that they are most likely to complete one.

Automate trip advisor reviews

Prompt customer reviews

Automatically ask for reviews

People who enjoy their experience tend to review less than those who’ve had a bad one. Send users to a review site during guest log in via a page redirect or URL link.

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What do our customers say?

Research from TripAdvisor shows that when business launch a solution to actively ask for customer feedback they saw an increase in reviews of 30 to 80% over pre-launch numbers and saw 40% more page views than highly engaged properties that did not have a similar solution in place, these properties saw a 32% increase in conversion rate, when compared to those that did not use such a solution. 


Since introducing Purple a multinational hotel chain has seen a 60% increase in the number of TripAdvisor reviews. A third of these have been prompted directly as a result of communications sent from the Purple platform. The customer saw a 35% increase in bookings year on year. 

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