Use Cases

Increase storefront conversion

Retail stores, restaurants and hotels tend to be located in close proximity to one another in towns and city centers; these businesses, therefore, need to be doing all they can to promote themselves and beat the competition.

Understand your venues conversion rate

Conversion Report

Understand how many customers enter a venue vs walk by

The most effective way to use the conversion report is by testing. By testing the physical marketing across your stores you can track which displays perform the best and collate information on when and why these storefronts performed as they did. From the testing, you can use best practices and generate more footfall.

Trigger automated messages to your guest with Geofencing

Trigger messages to walkers by

Use device pings to see which customers walk-in or walk past your stores

Purple Location uses mobile ‘signals’ to understand how your visitors move around your venue. Using Purple’s Logicflow, you can set automated messages to trigger once a guest walks by your visitors, enticing them to come into the store.

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What do our customers say?

A large U.S. retailer chain was in the dark when it came to know how many visitors came into their stores every month. They wanted to know how their seasonal window displays affected the number of visitors and compare store performances. Since installing Purple the retailer is able to use the data they have collected to run tests and produce the most effective displays. Across their stores, the retailer has increased visitors by over 30% and their revenue by 14%.

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