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Use Cases

Increase the average spend of each visitor in your venue

Getting that bit extra out of every customer that visits your venue can seriously add up. It’s one of the best opportunities to increase revenue because the customers you are targeting have already bought into your brand; they are there, in-store, buying the stuff that you sell.

Social Media Login Methods

Splash page advertisement

Place ads in your access journey

Display static content throughout your WiFi access journey to drive awareness and ensure your offers and promotions are in the front of your customer’s mind.

Advertise to your guests during the Captive Portal login process

Interstitial video

Promote your latest products and offers

Feature YouTube style video ads within your guest WiFi access journey that guests are required to watch for a custom number of seconds to drive awareness and uptake of new products, services, and offers.

Reduce customer churn with website redirects

Website redirects

Redirect customers to your website for more information

When connected, redirect customers to a page on your website about your current incentives. You could even redirect them straight to your loyalty sign up page, or to download your app.

Trigger automated messages to your guest with Geofencing

Real-time customer engagement

Trigger marketing messages in real-time

Set up automated marketing communications that trigger based on specific customer behaviors or demographics, prompting purchases that might be relevant to them.

Location heatmap to understand how visitors use your venue

Location analytics

See exactly where your customers spend their time

Optimize your venue layout and product placement based on customer footfall, dwell and pathway data collected via location analytics, enticing customers to make a last-minute purchase.

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What do our customers say?

A multinational retail brand set up a campaign to prompt customers connected to the WiFi to spend more whilst in-venue; increasing the average spend per head. Before the campaign, the average spend per customer was $38.22. The brand used LogicFlow, Purple’s built-in marketing tool, to send an SMS message to all customers who spent >5 minutes in-venue, offering them 10% off orders over $50. Over the course of the campaign, the average spend per customer increased by 11.8% to $42.76.

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