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Use Cases

Increase the lifetime spend of your visitors

Promote other facilities within your venue, or even other venues in your chain to visitors to try and keep them engaged with your brand rather than going out and spending elsewhere.

Advertise to your guests during the Captive Portal login process

Drive awareness

Promote your incentives throughout the customer login journey

Feature static content, or youtube style video ads within your guest WiFi access journey to drive awareness of venue facilities or customer incentives that encourage them to spend more.

Redirect users via guest wifi

Website redirects

Redirect customers to your website for more information

When connected, redirect customers to a page on your website about your venue. Let them know exactly what is available to them to try and keep them onsite for longer.

Send hyper-personalized email campaigns to visitors

Automatic email communications

Encourage the utilization of venue facilities

Send visitors an email about the other facilities available at your venues. Personalize the content based on specific customer demographics to drive increased engagement.

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What do our customers say?

A globally recognized hotel chain set up an automated email campaign to WiFi users to drive utilization of their spa facilities and an on-site bar. They created a custom registration form for their WiFi access journey, asking customers about their gender and age range. The hotel chain used LogicFlow, Purple’s built-in marketing tool, to set up an automatic email communication to go out to customers based on the demographic information entered during login. Females were sent a notification about their 15% discounted manicure treatments, and all customers aged 21+ were sent an email about the hotel’s happy-hour offer. This resulted in a peak in manicure treatments and an additional $380 in revenue at the hotel bar over the course of the campaign.

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